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I'm a born California girl!
I am also a artist, actress, cosplayer, blogger/ role player, director and love to have fun!
I welcome everyone to my page! :)

Trip to Disney World: "A Wet DEE?"

[I was visiting DW and in line to see one of my favorites, Alice! Not my first time meeting her by far but still I always love it. She was with the Tweedle Brothers DUM and DEE. As I go up to them, we hug and DEE attempts to stick his finger in my ear]
Alice: "Don;t give her a wet Willie!"
[she looks at his name on his shirt]
Alice: "Well, sense your name isn't Willie... it would be a wet... Dee?"
[I had been hugging DUM when I heard her say that. Both her and the person in the DEE suit started snickering - obviously the DEE laugh was very muffled, but Alice turned bright red]
Me: "I heard that."
[I winked at her and laughed. She tried to brush it off by hugging DEE again]
Alice: "Oh... yes... yes... I-I love the Tweedles..."
[I had to just laugh for a minute while taking the picture]
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